spanish language course

Let’s Prepare Gambas Al Ajillo

Are you enjoying your Spanish language course? If you want to practice the language during your Spanish language course, cooking a good Spanish dish is definitely a great idea! Obviously you need to make the effort to follow the instructions in Spanish. It is a fantastic exercise and will make you learn new vocabulary as […]


Lasagna Recipe

Are you hosting a dinner and you want to impress your guests? You love Italian food and you want to cook something on your own, but you think you won’t be able to? Don’t worry! Here’s an amazing and easy recipe for the original and incredible lasagna, very easy to make! Here’s what you need […]

Italian Cocktails

Sunset’s Color

Why don’t you spoil yourself with a sparkling fruity drink before dinner while dreaming of the enchanting scenery of the Venice’s lagoon? There are three vibrant colours to recall the history of three high-class cocktails served in the most elegant bars. RED FOR ROSSINI It is a variation of the Bellini, Tintoretto and Mimosa cocktails. The name […]

Emilia Romagna Italy's kitchen

Emilia Romagna, Italy’s kitchen

Once somebody said “If Italy was a house, Emilia-Romagna would be surely its kitchen.” – if you ask Italians they will agree with this statement, in particular if they were born and raised there! (As the author of this post, of course) Emilia – Romagna is so rich in gastronomy that each city has its […]