amazing spanish food channels on Youtube

Top 5 Spanish Food Channels On Youtube

Do you enjoy watching some Spanish food channels on Youtube? On Youtube you can find amazing Spanish food channels to learn how to make fantastic recipes: a nice way to improve your cooking skills! Either if you look for videos in English or in Spanish, there are plenty of options you can browse through in […]

spanish language course

Where To Eat The Best Churros In London

Taking a Spanish language course is not only learning the language! We bet during your Spanish language course you do enjoy some Spanish specialties as well. If you have a very sweet tooth, we do recommend to try some lovely churros. Their name comes from a specific breed of sheep called Navajo-Churro: these kind of […]

spanish restaurants in London

Spanish Restaurants in London

Ready to try some amazing Spanish restaurants in London? If you just started learning Spanish, and you want to totally embrace the Spanish culture, you might want to discover some Spanish restaurants in London! So, what we’ll try to do here is a small list of Spanish restaurants or pubs where you can enjoy great […]