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Spanish Elementary 3 Course

Are you enjoying your Spanish evening classes at Happy Languages? If you want to keep going with your Spanish evening classes, at Happy Languages you can find what you are looking for. If you have studied for about 75 hours, the best course to take is the Elementary 3. This course will prepare you to step […]

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Spanish Elementary 2 Course: What Will You Study?

Ready to learn Spanish in London? If you want to learn Spanish in London and have already studied for around 60 hours, our Elementary 2 course is the next step to take. This course will make you develop your abilities and get more confident as you will do a lot of practice and talk about […]

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Spanish Elementary 1 Course: What Will You Learn?

Have you been taking Spanish language classes in London for about 45 hours? Among all the Spanish Language Classes in London, our Elementary 1 course is perfect for you to move on then! Being the first course of a new level, it focuses on revision of basic topics first and then gradually introduces you to […]

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Spanish Beginner 3 Course: How Is It Structured?

Looking for Spanish languages courses in London? If you are browsing our Spanish language courses in London at Happy Languages and you have already studied for around 30 hours, the Beginner 3 course would be the natural continuation of your studies. General features. It is an evening course which normally lasts for 10 weeks, 1 […]

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Spanish Beginner 2 Course: What Will You Learn?

Do you want to learn Spanish in London and move to the next level? If you want to learn Spanish in London and you already studied the basics, our Evening Beginner 2 Course is the perfect one for you! This level is exactly what you need after the foundations: a course to revise and practice […]

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Why Choosing Our Spanish Crash Course

If you wish to take Spanish classes London is the perfect place! Either if you want to refresh your Spanish after a long time or to start from scratch focusing on the basics, a Beginner Crash Course might be a great option. Our Crash Course is planned over a weekend for a total of 8 […]

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Learn Spanish Language Course Tuition in London

Are you looking for the best option to start learning Spanish Language Course Tuition in London? Choosing the right course is essential to enjoy the time spent studying and practicing Spanish: having fun is definitely one of the key factors to learn quickly! Happy Languages offers a range of courses at all the levels and […]

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Best Resources to Boost your Reading Skills in Spanish

Are you wondering where you can find nice resources to improve your reading skills in Spanish? If you don’t have much time to go to a bookshop or a library, just browse online and choose what you like! If you want to practice the language and take a new challenge every day, you might like […]

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How to Improve your Listening Skills in Spanish

Working on your listening skills in Spanish? If you are trying to improve your listening skills in Spanish, probably people keep suggesting you to listen something every day. But what can you listen without getting bored? You are quite lucky! There is a huge number of online resources, let’s go through and see how you […]

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Spanish And Italian Languages

The Italian and Spanish languages have a lot of similarities because of their common origin; they both come from Latin so they share most of the grammar structures, verbs, syntax and nouns. It’s easy to think that if you are able to speak Italian, learning Spanish is quick and easy; of course it is, but […]