tuna and goat cheese empanadillas

Tuna And Goat Cheese Empanadillas

Ready to make Tuna And Goat Cheese Empanadillas? Tuna And Goat Cheese Empanadillas are a delicious Spanish specialty. Even if we often associate empanadas to South America, they actually come from Galicia, in North-West Spain. Empanadillas are the smaller version, so they are often served as tapas: little crispy turnovers filled with different ingredients. During […]


A Fantastic Spanish Easter Sweet: Torrijas

If you want to try a great Spanish Easter specialty, it’s time to make torrijas! Torrijas are delicious sweet toasts with sugar and cinnamon or honey. They are typical Easter sweets that can be made in a number of different ways. Despite the possible variations, it’s important to choose the right white bread, with a […]

Febada Asturiana

How To Make Fabada Asturiana

The Fabada Asturiana is a perfect winter comfort food! If you tried Fabada Asturiana, you know what we mean. This warm stew is typical in the region called Asturias, in the North of Spain. The combination of white beans and three types of pork meat is delicious and very tasty. Even though you might think […]


A Lovely Spanish Vegetarian Recipe: Pisto

If you are a Spanish food lover, you have to try Pisto! Pisto, also known as Pisto manchego, is a tasty vegetarian recipe that comes from La Mancha, a region in central Spain. Inspired by a Moorish dish, Pisto has changed over the centuries due to the introduction of new ingredients from America, such as […]

Lentejas con chorizo

Let’s Make Lentejas Con Chorizo

Have you ever tried lentejas con chorizo? Once you do, lentejas con chorizo will become one of your favourite Spanish dishes. Simple, warm and delicious, it is also very easy to prepare at home. So if you want to make something special for your friends in a cold evening, it’s a perfect choice! There are […]


How To Make Delicious Albóndigas

Albóndigas are a typical Spanish confort food. Albóndigas are delicious meatballs that normally remind Spaniards their roots. A food loved by everybody, children and adults, perfect to prepare when you have guests as you can make them in advance. And they are not difficult to make! As for many traditional recipes there are different versions, […]

Crema Catalana

How To Prepare A Traditional Crema Catalana

Do you like a good crema catalana to end your dinner? Crema catalana is one of the most classic Spanish desserts. It looks like a kind of custard creme with caramelized sugar on top…delicious! Many people say that it’s the Spanish version of the French creme brûléé, even though there are some differences in ingredients and […]

Croquetas de Jamón

How To Make Croquetas De Jamón

Do you like Croquetas de Jamón? Croquetas de Jamón are one of the most delicious Spanish food. These creamy cured ham croquettes are normally served as a little tapa or a snack. So if you want to cook something special for your friends, Croquetas de Jamón are definitely something that everybody likes. These light little fritters […]

Espinacas con garbanzos

Let’s Cook Espinacas Con Garbanzos

Have you ever tried espinacas con garbanzos? Espinacas con garbanzos is a simple and delicious Spanish recipe. It combines spinach (espinacas) with a very important ingredient of the Spanish cuisine: chickpeas (garbanzos). To be precise, this dish is originally from Andalucía, an amazing southern Spanish region. If you have been there, you must have tasted […]

huevos rotos

A Delicious Spanish Recipe: Huevos Rotos

If you enjoy Spanish food, you will love huevos rotos! Have you tried this lovely dish? Most of the time, the simplest recipes are the better. In Spain eggs are not a common breakfast: normally Spaniards eat them for lunch or dinner. Huevos rotos are a traditional dish, very easy to make and incredibly good! […]