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Let’s Cook A Great Pulpo A La Gallega

What do you expect from good quality Spanish classes? We believe that good quality Spanish classes should provide many opportunites to practice. And above all, learning Spanish should be good fun! That is why learning how to cook a typical Spanish recipe could be very motivating. So have you ever tasted the authentic pulpo a […]

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How To Make An Authentic Gazpacho

Learning Spanish for beginners is an amazing challenge! Learning Spanish for beginners means looking for as many opportunities as possible to practice the language. Even in your everyday life, you can always find ways to use your Spanish and improve it. For example, why don’t you cook a typical Spanish dish? If you do, follow […]

tortilla recipe

Tortilla Recipe

Have you ever heard about tortilla? I guess you have, but what you have to know is that “tortilla” has two different meanings, and the one you know is probably the South American one, which is the pancake where wrapped with different kind of meat, salad, tomatoes and whatever you prefer to add. Well, what […]