teaching Italian as a foreign language with different student's profiles

Teaching Italian In Italy: A Students’ Overview

Teaching Italian as a foreign language is always challenging! When you start teaching Italian as a foreign language in Italy you realise that the same job can be very different depending on the type of students you have: each target requires a specific preparation and a thorough knowledge of the student’s profile. This is why […]

How to start Teaching Italian in London

Teaching Italian In London: How To Start

Do you want to start teaching Italian in London? If teaching Italian in London is what you are aiming to do, there are some useful things to know! Getting some information about this job in London might be essential to be able to start your career and do the right choices. First of all, if […]

teaching italian in central europe

Teaching Italian in Central Europe: Tips and Useful Advice

Where is a good place for teaching Italian in Central Europe? Are you browsing the map to decide where to go next? Well, the good news is that there is plenty of opportunities out there! Depending on your preferences and on the type of job experience you are looking for, you can select the best […]

teaching italian

Teaching Italian in China

Italian is not one of the most spoken language in the world. Nevertheless it is one of the most popular and famous. A lot of people in several countries decide to approach the Italian culture and…guess what? Once they do it they just fall in love with it. Talking about far countries, even though the […]

seminar for Italian teachers in Italy

Our First Italian Teacher Workshop

A throw-back to our first seminar for Italian teachers in Italy! Our first seminar for Italian teachers took place in December 2013 in Morano Calabro, a lovely village in the South of Italy. Three intense days to talk about language teaching and share ideas about problems, innovative methods and daily challenges. The cosy Sant’Andrea Bed […]