liberation day

Italy’s Liberation Day: How Italians Celebrate the 25th April

What’s the Liberation Day celebrated in Italy on the 25th April? The 25th April is an important date in Italy: it is the Liberation Day, which means the Anniversary of the Liberation, an Italian public holiday celebrated all over the country to commemorate the end of the nazi occupation of Italy on the 25th April […]

the 7 best places to see in Rome

The Best 7 Places To See In Rome

If you are travelling to Italy soon, have a look at the best 7 places to see in Rome! The best 7 places to see in Rome are not only touristy areas or attractions, but also less renowned places to discover and enjoy with your travel buddies. Rome is definitely one of the first Italian […]

isole egadi

Discover Isole Egadi

Have you ever heard of Isole Egadi in Italy? The Isole Egadi (Egadi Islands) are a small archipelago made of 3 islands and 2 islets in front of the North-Western coast of Sicily. They are only a few miles away from Trapani, where you can easily take a ferry to reach this paradise and spend […]

contact free holidays in Italy

Contact Free Holidays In Italy

Would you go for contact-free holidays in Italy? In this period contact-free holidays in Italy would be a great way to travel without taking risks. The Covid-19 emergency has definitely had a huge impact on tourism. People don’t feel safe enough to travel and most of them won’t go abroad this summer. But it’s such […]


Sanremo: The City Of Flowers

What does Sanremo recall to your memory? Sanremo is definitely popular for the Festival di Sanremo, the biggest pop music festival in Italy. But that’s not all! If you have watched the Festival, you might have noticed a lot of flower decorations on the stage. This lovely city in Liguria is also called “la città […]

Valle d'Aosta

Discover Valle d’Aosta

Have you heard about Valle d’Aosta? Valle d’Aosta is the most North-Western Italian region and the smallest in Italy. Popular for its mountains, it is a surprising area where you can spend an amazing time in any season. Perfect if you like skiing, is also amazing in summer, when you can enjoy its incredible nature. […]

Italian destinations september

The Best Italian Destinations in September 2019

The best Italian destinations in September will surprise you! If you are wondering about the best Italian destinations in September, you will be happy to know that there are a lot of amazing places to visit. In September the weather is still lovely and the temperatures are milder than the previous couple of months. So […]

Diamante Peperoncino Festival

Diamante Peperoncino Festival

The Diamante Peperoncino Festival is an absolutely amazing event in Italy. If you have never been to the Diamante Peperoncino Festival, in Calabria, this year could be the right time to go. An authentic festival in an enchanting little city that you will love. Diamante is the capital of peperoncino (hot chilly) and boasts an Accademia […]

Costa dei Trabocchi

Discover Costa dei Trabocchi

Costa dei Trabocchi is a lovely destination off the most beaten routes. If you are keen to travel to less touristy areas, Costa dei Trabocchi is the perfect place to go. It is a really magic part of Abruzzo, a region in Central Italy. The Costa dei Trabocchi is a 70km coast that goes from […]

top 5 italian summer destinations

Top 5 Italian Summer Destinations 2019

What are the top 5 Italian summer destinations 2019? Reading more about the top 5 Italian summer destinations 2019 will help you book your holiday! Italy is the perfect country to spend some time in summer. It offers a variety of amazing places to discover, so you can combine different activities and never get bored. […]