watch the amazing The Hunter Season 1 on Channel 4

Discover The Hunter Season 1

Have you come across The Hunter season 1? The Hunter season 1 is now streamed on Channel 4: a great Italian crime thriller set in Palermo in the 1990s, when a team of prosecutors worked incredibly hard to hunt the most dangerous bosses of the loca Mafia. The TV series, based on the book “Cacciatore […]

discover the TV series rocco schiavone fourth season

Rocco Schiavone: Discover The Fourth Season

Have you enjoyed the Italian TV series Rocco Schiavone? The TV series Rocco Schiavone includes 4 seasons and is definitely one of the best in Italy over the past years: if you haven’t watched it and are curious to read more about the main character and the story follow this link. The fourth season came […]

discover the Spanish tv series hache

Hache: A Spanish Netflix Series

Have you already watched the Spanish TV series Hache on Netflix? The TV series Hache includes two seasons and 14 episodes in total. It’s set in the 60s in Barcelona and the drug trafficking story will make you hold your breath until the end! If you want to improve your Spanish, watching it is a […]

rocco schiavone

Rocco Schiavone: An Italian TV Serie

Have you already watched Rocco Schiavone? Rocco Schiavone is a great Italian TV serie which includes 3 seasons. Inspired by the books written by Antonio Manzini, this serie has been a great success thanks to the engaging story and fascinating characters. The title is the name of its gruff protagonist, a widow deputy-commissioner of the […]

web series in spanish

Discover Our Top 5 Web Series In Spanish

Looking for nice web series in Spanish to watch? If you want to improve your language watching some good web series in Spanish, Netflix offers quite a lot of nice options! Watching movies and series in the original language is really beneficial. If you don’t feel very confident you can choose subtitles in your native […]

Italian TV Series

Discover Three Italian TV Series On Netflix

Looking for some good Italian TV series? If you want to watch Italian TV series, you can find something interesting on Netflix. Watching movies and TV series in the original language is always challenging but a great way to improve your Italian! If you believe that following the story and conversations is too difficult, choose […]

La casa del papel 4

Waiting For La Casa de Papel 4

Waiting for La Casa de Papel 4? All the fan of the popular Spanish TV Serie can’t wait to watch La Casa de Papel 4, translated in English as “Money Heist”. The new season will be released on the 3rd April 2020 on Netflix. After the first 3 thrilling seasons, we are expecting something incredible […]

Narcos Mexico

Narcos Mexico

Did you come across Narcos Mexico on Netflix? Narcos Mexico is a thrilling American TV series originally intended to be the fourth season of Narcos. As you probably know, Narcos is about Colombia and the Medellรญn Cartel, controlled by Pablo Escobar. However, Narcos Mexico became a companion series, focused on the drug trafficking in Mexico. […]


Suburra: A Top Italian TV Series

Suburra is a great Italian TV series to watch! First Italian TV series broadcasted by Netflix, Suburra: Blood On Rome includes two seasons. Inspired by the book written by Giancarlo Di Cataldo and Carlo Bonini, it followed a movie also based on the novel. What is it about? The story is the intriguing plot of […]

La Casa De Papel

La Casa De Papel: A Top Spanish TV Series

Have you already watched La Casa De Papel? La Casa De Papel is an incredibly popular Spanish TV Series, known in English as “Money Heist”. Since its first season in 2017 it became a must-see. The following two seasons have confirmed the great success of the first one and the fourth season is expected for […]