Chi s’è visto s’è visto is a common Italian idiomatic expression used to cut a conversation or to show indifference towards something.

It could be translated as ” and that was that” or “end of story“, which also works well to understand it.

Let’s see some examples!

Italian English
Se non vuoi venire al cinema vado da sola e chi s’è visto s’è visto! If you don’t want to come to the cinema I will go alone, end of story!
Non so se preferisce il ristorante italiano o giapponese, quindi ho prenotato un tavolo dall’italiano e chi s’è visto s’è visto. I don’t know if she prefers an Italian or Japanese restaurant, so I reserved a table at the Italian and that was that.
Non so se andare in vacanza una o due settimane…vado due settimane e chi s’è visto s’è visto! I don’t know if I want to go on holiday for one or two weeks…I will go for two weeks and that is that!


Why don’t you add some more examples? And what about your language, can you find any similar expression?

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