Do you know anything about Christmas in Spain?

If you are going to celebrate Christmas in Spain, you will spend an amazing time. As in many other countries, in Spain Christmas is a fantastic period of the year.

So how do Spanish celebrate? Well, first of all you have to be aware that Christmas starts on the 22nd December: in that day the winning numbers of the popular Christmas Lottery are drawn, so people wait for this event for months!

After winners and prizes are announced, the Christmas holidays officially start.

People get ready for Christmas Eve, called Nochebuena. It is mostly a family celebration: people gather around a table for a delicious dinner and, after that, they head to “la Misa del Gallo” (the Mass  of the Rooster) and celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth singing and playing guitar and tambourines.

On the 25th December families spend the day together, eating and enjoying some time at home. Normally children receive one Christmas gift, but in Spain the day for presents is the 6th January.

What are the most traditional Christmas dishes?

Depending on the regional traditions, Spanish people eat fish or meat.

Some typical meat dishes are Cocido madrileño, a rich soup often made for Christmas, the Cordero asado (lamb roast) or Cochinillo asado (pork roast).

For fish and seafood lovers, the Christmas menu includes Gambas a la plancha (pan-grilled shrimps), Merluza en salsa verde (cod in green sauce) and a fantastic Caldereta de langosta, a lobster stew typical from the Balearic Islands.

Also, there are amazing desserts you can discover here.

But that’s not all! 

After Christmas, when in other countries people normally  have a break before the New Year’s Eve, in Spain there is another amazing tradition: on the 28th December people celebrate el Día de los Santos Inocentes (Holy Innocents’Day).

Originally it was a religious tradition, but nowadays it is a kind of April Fool’s Day.

This means that people play jokes on each others and all the TV and radio channels play funny and silly stories.

Well, if you spend Christmas is Spain you definitely won’t get bored!

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