Have you ever had Christmas sweets in Spain?

Christmas sweets in Spain are the most traditional food in this time of the year. In Spain there are a lot of traditional sweets, and it seems that almost all of them come from the Arabic tradition.

Let’s discover some Spanish Christmas sweets!

The most popular is the “Turron” (nougat).

There are two types of turron: the “turron of Alicante” and the “turron of Jijona“. The one of Alicante is made by honey, egg white, sugar, whole almonds and it is very hard. The turron of Jijona is softer and is made of toasted chopped almonds, egg white and honey.

The “Polvorones” are sort of cookies, easy to crumble, made of flour, sugar, almonds’ flour and lard.

Polvorones were brought to Spain by the Arabic invasion with the Persian name of “qurabiya“. During the Spanish Inquisition, the officials decided that polvorones had to be made with lard, in order to find Muslims and Jewish pretending to be Christians to save themselves.

Similar to polvorones are the “Mantecados de Estepa“. Estepa is a city in the region of Siviglia. Mantecados are little balls of dough baked in the oven, made of flour, lard, sugar. To this three basic ingredients you can add cocoa, almonds, coconut or cinnamon depending at your taste!

“Mazapan” (marzipan) is also famous all over the world and used in several countries for Christmas sweets. It is made of almonds or pine nut, egg white and sugar.

This soft dough is used to make sweets of different type and shape.


A very important traditional sweet is a sort of ring-shaped cake known as “Roscon de Reyes“.

Usually it is made on the 6th January because of the arrival of the Three Wise Men (in Spanish “reyes magos“), when Spanish children receive presents.

It is made of flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and, the most important ingredient, candied fruits to decorate the whole thing.

All this amazing sweets are homemade…so this year for Christmas try to cook something different!

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