Do you learn the Italian language to take the CILS B1 Citizenship?

If you learn the Italian language to apply for the Italian citizenship, you have to take an exam at B1 level to get a valid certification.

The CILS certification is released by the University for Foreigners of Siena and recognised worldwide.

Have a look at this article to get some general information about the CILS B1 Citizenship exam.

As you probably know, the CILS B1 for Citizenship consists of 4 sections: Listening, Reading and Use of Italian, Writing and Speaking.

Let’s focus on the Listening Section!

In this specific exam, the Listening Section includes 2 tasks.

In the first one candidates listen to 6 short dialogues and answer one multiple choice question for each of them.

The second task is different: candidates listen to two monologues and have to choose the information that they hear (3 for each monologue).

Candidates listen to the tracks twice and they have 2 minutes to read the task between the first and the second listening.

At the end of the second task, there are 3 minutes to copy the answers in the answers sheet.

The Listening Section lasts around 30 minutes in total.

Have a look at the exam sample here and try the listening following this link.

What is the main difficulty?

Well, this Section is not only about listening.

The real difficulty is listening and reading the task at the same time in order to choose the correct answers.

So what is the best strategy?

It will be better if you listen carefully the first time, without trying to read the task.

Then use the 2 minutes given to read through, underlying key words if you like.

After that, it’s time to answer: you can choose the correct answers while you listen for the second time.

This is proven to be the most effective way to avoid confusion and be successful.

Have a try and good luck!


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