The CILS Exam is perfect to attest your Italian level of competence and get a language certification valid worldwide.

Read more about its structure here.

In the CILS C1 and C2 exam, the Reading Section has specific features. Let’s have a look!

Both levels include 3 reading activities:

  • In the first activity candidates have to read a text with 7 multiple choice questions.
  • In the second candidates read a competition announcement and select the information that are in the text among a choice of 15 .
  • In the third, candidates have to put in the correct order the 16 paragraphs of a story. The difference between the two levels is that in C1 the first and the ninth paragraphs are given, whereas in C2 only the first is given.

The section lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes for C1 and 1 hour and 20 minutes for C2.

What are the main difficulties and what is the best strategy to pass it?

In the first and second tasks, a good method is skimming the text to understand the general meaning first and then focus on the questions/information and look for the answer in the text reading carefully the parts where those information are contained. Stopping at any unknown word or trying to understand the whole text can be a dangerous waste of time as it is not requested: the goal is being able to give the answers required, which are to be searched in specific paragraphs.

The third task requires a general understanding just to have an idea of the story and start putting the parts in order roughly; after that, a deep knowledge of conjunctions and linking words can help dispel any doubts where the sequence become ambiguous.

In this section the time management is particularly important as the three texts are quite long and well structured. During the exam preparation is important to time every single task in order to be well trained.

You can find a C1 exam sample here and a C2 exam sample here.

And now, it’s time to practice! What is your personal strategy to pass the Reading Section?