The CILS exam is valid worldwide as a certification of your Italian language level of competence.

Have a look at its general structure here.

Similarly to the other sections, the Speaking Section is quite similar in the A1 and A2 exam, with some differences due to the different programme covered and, of course, the different competence to attest.

In both levels the Speaking Part consists of two tasks:

  • Task n.1: this is a short conversation with the examiner, who asks some general questions about personal information, tastes and hobbies. The task lasts around 2-3 minutes. Have a look at a sample here.
  • Task n.2: this is a monologue about a topic chosen by the candidate among 3 options. Normally one of the options is a picture. The examiner doesn’t interrupt or ask anything unless it is necessary to help the candidate. The duration of the task is around 1 minute and a half. Follow this link to have a look at a sample.

Candidates don’t have time to prepare the speaking activities and can’t write anything down.

What is the best way to prepare the Speaking part?

Regarding Task n.1, the oral comprehension is as important as the speaking ability in order to be able to answer specific questions. Since the possible questions are always pretty much the same, the best thing to do is going through them and get confident interacting about hobbies, free time, holidays, family, friends, past experiences related to the everyday life and other topics appropriate for the level chosen.

The preparation of Task n.2 has to be focused on a single topic to develop in a coherent manner: before the exam candidates should try to talk about all the topics included in the programme. This practice make them build the necessary vocabulary and express ideas using correct grammatical structures. Another exercise is trying to talk about a picture, describing it in detail and adding personal comments about it.

Well, it’s time to practice: stop thinking and start talking!

Which task do you find more complex? Let us know!