The CILS Exam attests your level of linguistic competence in Italian according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and it is released by the University for Foreigners of Siena.

For more information about the exam read this article.

Now we are going to focus on the CILS A1 and A2 exam, specifically on the Reading Part.

What is it and how is it structured?

The Reading Part is composed by 3 different activities:

  1. Candidates read a text and answer multiple choice questions.
  2. Candidates read some short texts and choose the information which is in the text choosing among 3 options for each test.
  3. Candidates read some short texts and choose the correct sentence among a number of options to complete the texts.

Even though the activities are similar, the difficulty is commensurate to the level. That is why the section lasts 30 minutes for A1 and 40 minutes for A2.

So how to pass this part of the exam and get good marks?

In general, it is important to skim the text and then focus on the specific activity.

A successful strategy is definitely skimming the text for a quick and global comprehension.

After this first reading, candidates should read carefully what they are asked to do: for example, in the first activity they should read the questions, search the answers in the text and choose the correct options. In the second activity they should understand the information given to be able to say if they are in the text or not and in the third understand which information can be linked to the texts in order to complete them.

This is necessary to understand what candidates need to focus on, otherwise the risk is getting lost and spending too much time on a single activity.

Have you ever tried this part of the exam?

Have a look at a A1 exam sample here or at a A2 exam sample here

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