The CILS exam is the necessary step to take the international certification of Italian as a foreign language released by the University for Foreigners of Siena.

Read more about its structure here.

Let’s focus on the Writing Section of the B1 and B2 exam!

In both levels the Section has to be completed in 1 hour and 10 minutes and consists of two writing activities.

  • The first task is about a general topic and the length is 100-120 words in B1 and 120-140 words in B2.
  • The second task is a letter or an email: in B1 it has to be informal and the length 50-80 words; in B2 it is a formal request to be written with 80-100 words.

What is the best method to approach the Writing Section?

First of all, during the exam preparation it is very important to go through all the topics included in the programme and build a good vocabulary. Also, understanding the rules of writing a formal or informal letter/email is essential to know specific set phrases and how to use them.

As the number of words is not high but it is necessary to produce a well structured text, writing it without thinking of what we are going to say can be difficult to manage: instead, writing down the main points and follow this rough outline is definitely a good habit.

Also, it would be good to pay attention mostly to the contents during the first writing and, after that, read it from the beginning and rewrite it focusing on grammar and accuracy.

Proceeding step by step makes candidates plan their tasks and manage their time in a confident and relaxed way.

You can find a B1 exam sample here and a B2 exam sample here.

So, are you ready to try a writing task?