Are you willing to take the CILS Exam at a C1 or C2 level?

It is definitely the best choice in order to get an international certification which attests your Italian level of competence.

You can read more about the exam here.

As you probably know, C1 and C2 are the highest levels, so the preparation is quite challenging.

What about the Writing Section? How is it structured and what to expect?

In the CILS Exam C1 and C2 the writing part includes two tasks:

  • the first one is a text about a general topic to be written with 160-180 words in C1 and 200-250 words in C2
  • the second is a formal letter/email, an essay or a review. The words number is 100-120 for C1 and 120-150 for C2.

Candidates have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the section.

So what are the best strategies to get ready for the writing activities?

In general, during the preparation it is important to commit to at least one writing activity per week as writing about complex or unusual topics might feel unnatural. Also, this constant practice gives the chance to build the necessary vocabulary about several topics and to think about it carefully.

Regarding the first task, it is very important to write an outline to organise the text in advance. This is good to avoid a waste of time or a bad balance between the different parts of the writing itself. The risk is writing a very long introduction and spending only a few words about the personal opinion or the pro and cons to list about the topic.

The second task requires a good ability to manage a formal style: in this case a good practice is going through formal expressions to ask information, complain about products or services and ask a refund to have a variety of ways to address the person candidates have to write to.

Have a look at a C1 exam sample here and at a C2 exam sample here.

And now choose a title and start working on your text!