Do you know any coffee benefits?

Over the past two centuries, few substances have been studied as much as coffee. Nobody has shown that it causes damage, many researches instead show the beneficial effects of coffee and its main active compound: caffeine.

Around the 1500 the wise Yemeni Sufis discovered that drinking coffee could help stay awake during the prayers, bringing this tradition among his community and the Muslim world.

When, in the early 1600s, coffee began to spread in Europe, it was considered like a medicine.

Caffeine, discovered in the early 1800 in Germany by the young doctor Ferdinand Runge thank to a meeting with Johann Wolfgang Goethe, stimulates the central nervous system, keeps the attention alive and the mood high.

It helps the breathing and the digestion. It reduces the sense of hunger, thing that can be helpful if you are on a diet. Some studies suggest that a cup of coffee comforts a little from symptoms of migraine. Recent studies have also debunked some old beliefs: in reasonable doses coffee doesn’t disturb the sleep nor causes damage to the heart.

Coffee also contains antioxidants, which help eliminate free radicals. Several studies showed that people who drink coffee live longer and have a lower premature death risk.

Taste, then, gets along with your health! If your choice is an espresso, even better: it is the kind of coffee that combines the most flavourful with the lowest caffeine content.

And now a curiosity!

A legend says that a shepherd of the Ethiopian highlands noticed that when his herd ate certain grains they would become happier and start dancing as they were reeds moved by the wind.

He decided then to try those strange “beans” himself, and he became incredibly happy as well and started dancing with his goats. Positively impressed, he told what happened to the abbot of his monastery who, sure that it had to be an action of the devil, decided to throw all the grains of the highland into a fire pit.

However, the aroma of those roasted grains convinced him instead that they weren’t evil at all, but divine.

This way, coffee roasting began!

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