What’s the relation between coffee and stereotypes in Italy?

If we talk about coffee and stereotypes, the first thing that comes to our mind is that “Italians can’t live without coffee!”. As a matter of fact… That is totally true!

But how many different types are there?

Those who have been in Italy at least once, must have surely noticed that there are dozens of different coffees! Not only because they have the right coffee for any time of the day, also because there’s one for each different personality!

Let’s see all the types of coffee!

Espresso: Most Italians love espresso! To be precise, single espresso! The real deep taste of coffee, if you love it you’re active, friendly and adaptive. A strong taste for a strong person!

Caffè Ristretto: Shorter than a single espresso (maybe you’re thinking “Shorter?!? Is it possible???”), it is a shot of pure energy, perfect for those who like strong emotions!

Caffè Lungo: It’s a single espresso, but longer (yes, now the question is “Come on guys! How many different sizes do you have for a stupid hint of coffee?”). Totally dark, with a really bitter taste. Only for brave people!

Caffè Doppio: Double espresso. It means that’s perfect for a hard-working, practical and organised person, who hates to waste time and who needs to stay awake for long periods of time!

Caffè Macchiato: Espresso with a dot of milk foam. Glamorous and pretty, perfect for a person a bit spoilt and whimsical, who doesn’t want a cappuccino but cannot do without a little touch of eccentricity.

Latte Macchiato or Caffèlatte: It will definitely remind you your childhood! It’s milk with some drops of coffee, perfect in the morning with a lot of biscuits or a piece of home made cake.

Cappuccino: That coffee, full of soft foam on top, is for artists who need time to think about world, art, philosophy, literature… With its perfect mix between milk and coffee, it’s the right drink to take and enjoy while spending a relaxing time.

Caffè Corretto: Espresso with…spirits! Doesn’t matter which spirit you add, if you choose this coffee, you’re an Italian latin lover! We can imagine you wearing your sunglasses and smiling to the nice girl close to you, even if you don’t know her. And after few seconds, your face and your tongue will burn for the alcohol… This is the moment when you start coughing!

Caffè Shakerato: Perfect for young people and party animals! This coffee is shaken with ice and not blended, it’s usually served in a posh glass: the life of those who choose this coffee is a kind of “long happy hour”.

Now you know why Italians need a large variety of coffees, they have to satisfy all the different personalities!

Which one do you like the most?