Do you want to know more about Colombia?

The Republica de Colombia is a South-American country.

It adjoins Perù, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brasile and Panama, and it overlooks both Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Colombia is sadly famous for the recent history about cocaine’s cartels, above all the ones of Medellin and Cali.

Because of them, Colombia went through a civil war lasting many years.

But nowadays the situation is different, and Colombia is a really beautiful place to go, also because it is part of the awesome Caribbeans.

Let’s discover together some areas to visit!

Bogotà is the capital city of Colombia.

In the past it was considered really dangerous because of the organized crime, but today, thanks to important administration’s action, the city is restored.

La Candelera“, the old town, is full of life and history and it is really worth a visit.

Bogotà has several stunning parks: the biggest and most important is the “Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar“, which is considered the lung of the city.

Here, furthermore, takes place the “Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro“, the biggest scenic art festival in the world.

Santa Marta overlooks the Cirrabean sea and it is famous for the typical beaches.

You have to visit the aquarium “Rodadero” with its natural fish tanks, created directly in the sea.

But most of all, you must go to the “Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona“: an amazing walk takes to some of the most beautiful beaches, and if you have more days to spend there, you can also think to sleep inside the park!

You can find a big piece of history in the “Ciudad Amurallada“, the historical centre of Cartagena de Indias.

It was stated as “World Heritage Site” from UNESCO in 1984 because of its buildings from the period of colonialism like the church or the Inquisition building.

Cartagena is also the perfect place to be for the night-life.

And if you are looking for the more Cirrabean beaches, you must go to San Andres, where the water has all the shades of blue.

San Andres is the most important city in the namesake archipelago, including an area declared from UNESCO “Seaflower Biosphere Reserve“.

Interesting is the “Cueva de Morgan“: the legend says that in this cave the pirate Henry Morgan hid part of his treasure!

So…don’t waste time, plan your holiday!