Have you considered a contact-free holiday in Spain this summer?

This summer a contact-free holiday in Spain is definitely a great idea!

Due to the global Covid-19 emergency, travelling this summer might not be easy.

However, even if you don’t want to take a plane or go to very crowded places, there is a fantastic solution to spend some time in Spain: a contact-free holiday!

How is it possible to plan a contact-free holiday?

The reason why you might consider this option is that you don’t want to take risks.

So this type of holiday keeps you safe and doesn’t expose you to dangerous situations.

For example, why don’t you go to Spain by car?

It takes time, but the journey is really amazing if you want to explore some other areas.

The ideal planning would be finding a quiet town along the street where you can stay for the night or even a couple of days before continuing towards your destination.

In this way your holiday will be completely different from anyone else!

Once in Spain you can stay in a nice hotel or flat by the sea or on the mountains, preferably in a less touristy location to avoid crowds.

contact free holiday Spain

This will also mean live the authentic Spain and meeting the locals!

Alternatively, if you are more adventurous, a campervan might be the right solution for you!

If you go for this option, you won’t even need to book a hotel or b&b in Spain.

The only thing to do is searching a good motorhome campsite or more than one if you want to travel around the country.

Have a look at this website fo find the best for you!

This could be a really exciting and unexpected holiday, perfect to have a break!

Don’t wait any longer, plan your contact-free holiday!