Would you go for contact-free holidays in Italy?

In this period contact-free holidays in Italy would be a great way to travel without taking risks.

The Covid-19 emergency has definitely had a huge impact on tourism.

People don’t feel safe enough to travel and most of them won’t go abroad this summer.

But it’s such a pity for all those who had dreamed a lovely break in Italy!

If you gave up travelling to Italy this summer, hold on!

There is still a safe way to travel: a contact-free holiday!

If your main concern is going to airports, taking planes with many other people and find yourself surrounded by big crowds, you can choose a completely different way to travel.

Here you can find some tips to plan the perfect trip to Italy!

First of all, take it easy!

The journey to Italy will be part of your holiday as it will take longer than usual.

You can go by car or rent a campervan: either way, plan some breaks to rest every couple of hours.

If you travel by car, book a room in a hotel or in a bed&breakfast half way through, possibly in a quiet area.

If you travel by caravan, check a safe campervan park along the way where you can stop to rest.

Italy has plenty of caravan parks and campings where you can spend your holiday, have a look at this link!

It will be a nice way to do a new experience!

contact free holidays in Italy

Where should you spend your holidays in Italy?

If you want to be extra safe, why don’t you book a nice flat or little villa by the sea?

Instead of choosing the most popular cities, go for small towns where you won’t meet too many tourists and you will experience the real Italian lifestyle.

Enjoy the beautiful nature, buy organic food by little producers, go for long walks along the sea…it will be unforgettable!

A safe way to enjoy Italy without risks and discover new places without taking risks!

So where will you head to?