Interested in some conversational Italian for beginners?

If you are working on conversational Italian for beginners, you might find our last live streaming Happy Hour Linguistico very useful!

During this lovely live event we learnt Italian articles: a basic topic that is normally very tricky for students at different levels. Therefore it’s always useful to go through the rules again and again in order to memorise how to use articles correctly.

We studied Articoli Indeterminativi and Articoli Determinativi in about 20 minutes, making specific examples and then putting them into sentences and understanding which article was the right one to use.

After that we did some lovely practice all together: students who followed the live streaming completed some sentences with the correct articles writing their answer in the comments and then we checked. It was so good!

Why joining a live streaming?

The amazing thing about a live lesson is that you can join and interact with the teacher: you can write your questions in the comments if something is not clear and you can also take part in some quizzes about the topic.

This is really nice! Not only a video to follow, but a real teacher who answers your questions!

And once you have gone through the lesson, putting articles into practice is a fantastic exercise to improve conversational Italian for beginners: start talking about simple topics with family, friends or classmates and pay attention to the articles that you use.

Great news: the live streaming is recorded and if you missed it you can still watch it on our Facebook page, Youtube channel and Twitch channel and leave a comment. We will be happy to help!

Or, even if you have joined our live, you can watch the video again and stop it if you need to study something specific or focus on the pronunciation.

It’s such a good resource, enjoy it!


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