Looking for a course to work on conversational Spanish for beginners?

Our Spanish crash course is focused on conversational Spanish for beginners, which means that you will learn a lot of useful phrases and expressions to use for a simple conversation.

The course will take place online on the 22nd and 23rd May from 10am to 2pm, 8 hours in total: an intensive course to cover all the basics and start speaking Spanish! And you can do it from home, without commuting and saving time for your weekend.

Why taking this conversational spanish course?

If you want to brush your Spanish up after a while or you feel able to speed up your learning at total beginner level, a crash course is the right choice!

Once you will be able to travel again to Spain, you will need to be ready for some conversation with natives, so this course will give you the essential knowledge to speak a bit of Spanish!

You should expect a challenging 8 hour course focused on a number of essential topics that will be put into practice straight away. Therefore you won’t study only grammar and vocabulary but phrases and expressions to communicate in specific situations.

By the end of the course you will be able to say quite a lot of sentences in Spanish, which is exactly the aim of this course: develop your conversational skills from scratch!

So, for example, you will learn the different greetings and how to introduce yourself when you meet someone:

¿Cómo te llamas? –> What’s your name?

Me llamo… –> My name is…

Mucho gusto. –> Nice to meet you.

¿De dónde eres? –> Where are you from?

Soy de… –> I am from…

These phrases are good if you speak to someone informally, conversational, however you will be able to say the same things in a formal way as well! So you will choose among different expressions to greet people and speak more formally.

And you will go further adding information about yourself and making questions, talking about your tastes and much more!

So don’t miss this fantastic opportunity and join our crash course!


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