Costa dei Trabocchi is a lovely destination off the most beaten routes.

If you are keen to travel to less touristy areas, Costa dei Trabocchi is the perfect place to go.

It is a really magic part of Abruzzo, a region in Central Italy.

The Costa dei Trabocchi is a 70km coast that goes from Ortona to San Salvo.

So what are the trabocchi?

They are the real peculiarity of this area, ancient wooden fishing structures built on stilts not far from the coast.

Probably the most ancient trabocchi were built in the 8th century.

In that period a group of farmers had the idea to start fishing in order to increase the income coming from the harvest.

As they didn’t know much about navigation, they invented the trabocchi.

Even though they might seem very basic palafittes, they are complicated machines.

They consist of a platform connected to a number of boards and beams.

It is possible to access the trabocchi through a wooden narrow bridge.

Their structure is light but quite solid.

In fact, they had to bear the nets attached to the platform through the antenne, long arms that support the nets thanks to a complex system of pulleys.

These nets catched the fishes when they were raised up.

This is probably why they are called trabocchi!

Their name might come from the word trabocchetto, which means trick or trap.

Basically the trabocchi tend a trap to the fishes who are not aware of the nets laying on the seabed!

What about nowadays?

Some of the ancient trabocchi are private as they used to be inherited as any other property.

Many of them have been transformed into lovely restaurants where you can have the best fresh fish and seafood ever!

Having dinner in a trabocco at sunset is really magic!

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