What do you usually say when you find out that something is very expensive? Well, in Spanish you would use the idiomatic expression “costar un ojo de la cara“.

The meaning of this expression is similar to the English idiom “to cost an arm and a leg” and literally it would be translated as “to cost an eye of the face“: in both cases it refers to something very precious!

Let’s see some examples to use it.

Spanish English
Ese carro cuesta un ojo de la cara. That car costs an arm and a leg.
Salir con mi familia casi siempre me cuesta un ojo de la cara. Going out with my family almost always costs me a lot.
Me encanta esa lámpara de cristal. Pero no me la puedo permitir, cuesta un ojo de la cara! I love that glass lamp. But I can’t afford it, it costs an arm and a leg!


Can you think of any other similar idiomatic expression?