A kind of balcony on the sea: that is how the Costiera Amalfitana looks like.

The Costiera Amalfitana, under the UNESCO Heritage since 1997, is situated between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno and includes 13 fantastic little towns to discover.

Its intense colours, the typical narrow stairs, the smell of lemons and flowers, the small villages suspended on the sea with their vertical structure make this coast a real joy for the eyes.

The natural features of the Costiera, with its blue sea and the suggestive mountains, offer many different options to the visitors.

You can enjoy the sun in a different bay every day and discover lovely hidden beaches or go trekking through the paths on the mountain.

Either way you will have the chance to admire unique landscapes!

If you rent a car, follow the street which links all the towns of the Costiera and stop to visit them and to taste the famous limoncello, one of the typical local products.

Let’s see three amazing towns that you can’t miss!

Amalfi is definitely worth a tour: the whole coast is named after this beautiful town, the first of the four Repubbliche Marinare (Maritime Republics).

Its role in the maritime commerce made this town a crucial city between Italy and the Arabic world.

You can visit the Duomo, with its massive stairs, and the suggestive Chiostro del Paradiso (Paradise Cloister).

And if you want something different, visit the Museo della Carta (Museum of Paper), situated in an ancient paper factory.

Positano is the most fashionable town, famous for its vertical structure and the colorful buildings.

Here you can visit the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, an ancient church with a fantastic dome made of colorful majolica and then get lost through the narrow streets, where you will find the typical sandals and the cotton dresses famous as “Positano fashion”.

Ravello situated on the mountain, will surprise you with a fantastic terrace overhanging the coast.

Here you can find the Museo del Corallo (Museum of Coral), one of the most important goods for the local commerce.

If you go in summer, don’t miss the Ravello Festival, an important music and art festival which hosts international artists.

Are you curious about the rest of the Costiera? Have a look at some nice pictures!