If you wish to take Spanish classes London is the perfect place!

Either if you want to refresh your Spanish after a long time or to start from scratch focusing on the basics, a Beginner Crash Course might be a great option.

Our Crash Course is planned over a weekend for a total of 8 hours , 4 on Saturday morning and 4 on Sunday morning: a very intensive course for those who prefer immerse themselves in the language or don’t have the possibility to attend a different type of course during weekdays.

So why choosing our Crash Course?

Here you can find an overview to better understand its features.

Contents. During the course, you will cover the contents of a whole Beginner 1 Course. This means that by the end of the course you will have learnt greetings, numbers up to 99, nouns and genders, Definite and Indefinite articles, verb “to be”, descriptive adjectives and the useful vocabulary related to the topics you go through.

You will be able to introduce yourself giving some information and asking questions about general topics, go shopping, asking date and time, saying what is your job, describing yourself and your city.

Method. The course will be based on communication: you will put into practice what you learn straight away through fun activities, role plays, games. Simulating some daily situations and trying to use the language will be challenging and motivating and help you grow your confidence from the very beginning.

Tutors. All our tutors are fully qualified to teach Spanish as a foreign language: our school ensures high quality teaching and constant training in order to keep a great standard.

What to do next. After a Beginner Crash Course you will move to the next level, which means that you will be ready for a Beginner 2 course!

How does it sound?

If you want to book the course or to ask any questions contact us!