Do you like a good crema catalana to end your dinner?

Crema catalana is one of the most classic Spanish desserts.

It looks like a kind of custard creme with caramelized sugar on top…delicious!

Many people say that it’s the Spanish version of the French creme brûléé, even though there are some differences in ingredients and preparation.

If you are looking for a great dessert to surprise your friends, why don’t you make it at home?

Preparing Crema Catalana at home is really easy!

You just need these ingredients:

1 litro de leche –> 1l of milk

6 yemas de huevos grandes –> 6 egg yolks

100 gramos de azúcar –> 100g of sugar

40 gramos de maicena –> 40g of corkstarch

la piel de una naranja –> 1 orange peel

la piel de un limón –> 1 lemon peel

Now you can start!

Heat the milk in a small saucepan with the orange and lemon peel and bring to boil.

In a large saucepan beat the egg yolks with the sugar until their colors turn pale yellow.

Put on a low heat, slowly add the milk and the cornstarch stirring constantly until the mixture thickens.

When it happens, remove the saucepan from the heat.

Remove the orange and lemon peel and pour the mixture into small pots or ramekins to cool it down.

Cover with clingfilm and chill for at least 4 hours.

Before serving, sprinkle some sugar on top and caramelize with a kitchen blowtorch to obtain a thin crunchy layer.

Alternatively put them under a hot grill for 5-10 minutes.

Your crema catalana is ready to enjoy!

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