What does Dar Gato Por Liebre mean in Spanish?

Dar Gato Por Liebre is a nice Spanish idiom with a nice story behind.

Do you know what is the literal translation?

It would be “to give a cat for a hare”, so to trick someone giving something with less value than the thing they paid for.

It seems that this idiom comes from a long time ago, when butchers used to sell meat of cats saying it was hare as they are quite similar.

So, if you have been cheated out of something this is the right expression to use!

In English we would say “to take someone for a ride”.

Let’s go through some examples!

Spanish English
Me da la impresión de que ese vendedor te dio gato por liebre. I have the felling that the salesman took you for a ride.
En la tienda le dieron gato por liebre. In the shop they took her for a ride.
¿Vas a comprar un carro usado? Aseguráte de que no te dan gato por liebre. Are you going to buy a second hand car? Make sure that they don’t take you for a ride.


How could you use this idiom in your everyday life?

Think of some examples!

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