Dar la vuelta a la tortilla is one of the several Spanish idiomatic expression with food and literally it can be translated as “to turn the omelette around“.

Its meaning is “to turn a situation around” and normally it is used when a negative situation is changed in a positive one, so it is similar to the English expression “to turn the tables“.

Let’s see how to use it with some examples:

Spanish English
Necesitamos dar la vuelta a la tortilla para ganar. We need to turn the tables to win.
Su intención será dar la vuelta a la tortilla, atacar en lugar de defender. They want to turn the situation around and attack instead of defending.
Creo que hemos dado la vuelta a la tortilla en algunos aspectos. I think we’ve been able to overturn that in some respects.


Do you know any other expression with a similar meaning?