Darsela a gambe” is a funny Italian idiom, have you ever heard it?

When it comes to idioms, Italians know how to surprise you: the Italian language has plenty of amazing, meaningful idioms to learn and use as much as possible to sound like a native and “darsela a gambe” is a perfect example of a lovely expression.

This idiom might seem very difficult to understand due to the verb “darsela“, which is known as a Pronominal Verb in Italian: basically a verb that includes a pronoun as part of the verb, which affects the conjugation and makes it a bit more complex. As usual it’s just a matter of practice!

We can use this idiomatic expression when someone quickly runs away instead of facing a difficult situation, so in English it corresponds to “cut and run”.

Have a look at these examples!

Italian English
Quando ho visto quel grosso cane nero me la sono data a gambe! When I saw that big black dog I cut and ran!
Laura ieri aveva un esame importante, ma appena il professore è arrivato se l’è data a gambe! Yesterday Laura had an important exam but as soon as the professor arrived she cut and run!
I miei figli hanno paura della loro nonna: ogni volta che viene a trovarci se la danno a gambe. My sons are afraid of their grandmother: every time she comes to visit us they run away!


Can you think of the last time that you cut and ran for some reasons? Let us know and tell us more!

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