Does “de tal palo tal astilla” sound familiar to you?

De tal palo tal astilla” is a nice Spanish idiom used by Spanish speakers, so it’s very useful to learn.

As idioms are so common among natives, we always try to introduce them as an essential part of the language and culture.

Sometimes they are unique ways to express some ideas, other times the correspondence with idiomatic expressions in other languages makes them easier to get.

In this case, the idiom refers to the similarity between people from the same family, either if we talk about appearance or personality.

The meaning is “like father, like son” and in English we could also use “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.


spanish idiom de tal palo tal astilla

Look at these examples!

Spanish English
Carlos es tan testarudo como su padre. Ya se sabe, de tal palo, tal astilla. Carlos is as stubborn as his father. Well, as everyone knows, like father, like son.
Emilia es tan cariñosa como su madre: de tal palo, tal astilla. Emilia is as affectionate as her mother: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Paulo es guapísimo, igual que su padre. Como dicen, de tal palo, tal astilla. Paulo is really handsome, the same as his father. As they say, like father, like son.


Do you know a similar expression in your language? We bet you do, think about that!

And now try to put this idiom into practice: think of someone who looks like one of his or her parents and make a sentence.

And then, you can use it with friends and family who speak Spanish and surprise them with this idiomatic espression!

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