Have you started your Detox January?

After the Christmas break most people start a Detox January to get back in track choosing to have healthy food and a good fitness routine.

Turning away from restrictive diets, people rediscover the pleasure of natural, organic food and appreciate some movement to start the new year with the right foot.

So instead of strict food habits, we tend to choose good habits and go towards the so called “mindful eating”: listening to our body and eating what makes us feel good is the key, obviously seasoning everything with regular physical activity.

So a balanced diet and regular exercise are the key: building a healthy daily routine is the real detox challenge!

On top of that, drinking more water, reducing (or avoiding) alcohol and ensuring adequate sleep is essential.

You can find some inspiration reading nice blogs, listening to podcasts or watching videos.

Detox January

Let’s discover some amazing free resources to enjoy!

1 Rhitrition

If you browse through the website you will find a lot of great contents about nutrition, wellness and also podcasts and videos about interesting topics to build your best routine.

Also, you can get inspiration for colorful and balanced recipes for your meals, as Rhiannon is a Registered Nutritionist!

2 Party in my plants

If you enjoy listening podcasts, you will love these ones! Tania Pollock talks about healthy living in a hilarious way, going from food to healthy habits, from movement to mindset.

3 Madeleine Shaw

Do you fancy watching some videos about healthy topics?

Food, yoga, good habits and tips for a healthy life: amazing short videos to get inspired and start a new life!

4 Well + Good

Another great blog with a variety of interesting contents: food and nutrition, fitness tips and holistic treatment are some of the sections to have a look at. You can find many suggestions to choose how to modify your life and live healthily!

5 Bad Yogi Blog

If you like yoga, this blog is the perfect way to start the new year: try free yoga classes, learn all the yoga poses, read about nutrition and fitness…it feels so good!

You can also download a free yoga guide to practise poses and do them right.

You just have to pick one of these fantastic resources and browse through!

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