The Diamante Peperoncino Festival is an absolutely amazing event in Italy.

If you have never been to the Diamante Peperoncino Festival, in Calabria, this year could be the right time to go.

An authentic festival in an enchanting little city that you will love.

Diamante is the capital of peperoncino (hot chilly) and boasts an Accademia del Peperoncino (Chilly Academy).

Since 1992, the city of Diamante celebrates this incredible product.

As you probably know, it is an essential ingredient of the local cuisine!

This festival takes place in the streets of the city, crowded with people, music and local products.

You won’t need to buy tickets for this festival: all the events are totally free!

So get ready for the 2019 edition, from the 11th to the 15th September!

You will have the chance to try hot local and international specialties in the several stands along the streets.

If you like cabaret, you can take part in amazing free shows in the city centre.

And you will also see a Ferrari parade with all the most representative cars of the story of Ferrari!

If you are passionate about cooking, you can take part in some cooking lessons in the stands along the seafront.

Famous chefs will show you how to make hot dishes and sommeliers will suggest the best combinations with wines.

Ant then theatre shows, exhibitions, musicals, drawing competitions…you will be surprised by the number of fantastic things to do around the city!

You can find all the information about the festival here.

The Diamante Peperoncino Festival will give you the opportunity to discover the stunning Calabrian coast with tis turquoise sea and picturesque beaches.

Therefore we strongly recommend to take a couple more days of to explore the Riviera dei Cedri (Citron Coast)… you won’t regret it!

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