Looking for great books in Italian to read?

If you are an advanced Italian learner and love reading, it’s important to find some lovely books in Italian to read in your free time.

Reading in Italian is not easy, however, if you are proficient in Italian it’s a great way to expand your vocabulary and go deep in the language you are studying.

There are some lovely books to read, let’s discover them!

1. “La città dei vivi” – Nicola Lagioia

A great analysis of one of the most brutal crimes happened in Italy over the last few years: the author interviewed the protagonists, met some of the people involved and even started a correspondence with one of the two culprits.

Going back to what happened leads to many questions about human nature, guilt and free will.

2. “Seta” – Alessandro Baricco

A poetic short novel about a silkworm merchant who has to travel to Japan after a disease wipes out all his supply.

In Japan, he meets the concubine of a rich baron and, once he’s back to his wife in France, he realises that he can’t forget her…

A delicate, touching story to read all in one breath.

discover amazing books in Italian

3. “Raccontami la notte in cui sono nato” – Paolo Di Paolo

Lucien discovers that an Australian boy has sold his life on eBay and decides to do the same: tired of his boring days, he wants to see how his life will go if someone else will live it.

He sells everything – people, memories, pictures, habits – to Filippo, who starts his new life naturally.

However, Lucien realises that he has never given importance to essential things, such as his roots.

4. “La verità dell’Alligatore” – Massimo Carlotto

First story of the Alligatore’s saga, it’s perfect if you are passionate about noir books.

Marco Buratti, called Alligatore, leaves the jail and starts working as a private detective: his first case is about a man who disappears during his parole. And if you like the style, you can move to the next story of the saga!

5. “I leoni di Sicilia” – Stefania Auci

If you like historical fiction novels, this book might be the one for you: the story of a family who arrives in Palermo in 1799 from Calabria and starts making their fortune.

In the background, the fascinating history of Sicily and of the Sicilian society of that time.

Which one do you want to read first?

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