If you are looking for a nice winter destination in Spain, Baqueira-Beret is one of the best. Do you know it?

Baqueira-Beret is a lovely destination for all the mountain lovers: you can find a fine ski resort in the heart of the Pirenees, which occupies the highest part of the Aran Valley and Àneu Valley.

The ski area reaches 2516 metres, it is served by 35 modern lifts and offers 99 pistes of different difficulty.

Its 146km of runs are good for skiers at any levels and there are also some challenging off-piste runs for experts.

Apart from skiing, there are many things you can do in this area. Let’s see what!

The Aran Valley preserves an important artistic and cultural heritage.

You can visit amazing Romanesque churches: for example Sant Miquèu de Vilamòs, a small chapel dated back to the 11th century situated on a old promontory where there used to be the smallest village of the valley.

Also, Era Mair de Diu dera Purificacion in Bossòst, a proof of the Romanesque architecture of the 12th century, Sant Estèue de Betren, which shows the cohexistence of Romanesque and Gothic styles and many more.

Looking for new experiences?

If you are looking for new adventures, in winter you can go on safari with a snowmobile to explore the area around Baqueira or book the Heliski experience: an amazing panoramic flight on a helicopter to enjoy the view.

This amazing area of Spain also offers many sports and activities: rafting, canyoning, climbing and much more!

While exploring the area, do not miss the fabulous Estany Gerber lake in the Gerber Valley: an enchanting glacial rock-ringed lake where you can enjoy a typical alpine view.

If you like hiking, the whole area is a paradise to discover step by step!

And, of course, enjoy some local food!

The most typical dish is the Òlha Aranesa, a traditional and energetic soup made with meat, sausage, vegetables and beans.

You can also taste amazing meat stews and the locally sourced trout.

As a dessert, try the crepèths, similar to the French crepes, or the crema aranesa, a sort of custard cream made with yolk, sugar and vanilla.

Enjoy some lovely pictures here!

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