Have you ever heard about Cantabria?

This beautiful region in the North of Spain is known as Green Spain because of the natural features, the several reserves and the Cantabria mountains that run along the coast.

In addition to the stunning beauty that will capture you at first sight, this land offers important evidence of ancient times.

You can see many prehistoric caves that are the reason why the region is under the UNESCO Heritage and is also called “The Sistine Chapel of Prehistoric Art“.

Fabulous holiday resorts surrounded by a wild nature, 60 beaches with fine white sand, great sites to visit and a tasty, sophisticated cuisine that will surprise you: Cantabria is all these things and much more.

Let’s go through some places to visit!

Santander. It is the elegant capital city of Cantabria, situated on a lovely bay and full of attractions.

Don’t miss the fishing port and El Sardinero, beautiful promenade next to La Magdalena, the most famous beach.

Everywhere you go in Santander you can enjoy old historical buildings, squares and important museums to spend some time.

Camino Lebaniego and Camino del Norte. Two famous pilgrimage routes intertwined with the Camino de Santiago that offer incredible landscapes and the opportunity to choose different paths.

Potes. Probably the most beautiful medieval town in Cantabria, split in two parts by the river, Rio Quivesa, which makes it even more picturesque.

El Soplao. It is an old mine where, at the beginning of the XX century, miners found a number of caves they kept untouched, so you can see a spectacular ceiling with stalactites and stalagmites that merge in colossal pillars!

Comillas. Wonderful destination both in winter and summer due to the bond between mountains and beaches, Comillas is famous for the extraordinary architecture, which includes El Capricho by Antoni Gaudì, with its neo-arabic style and a stunning colours contrast.

Another must see is the Palacio de Sobrellano, where Gaudì contributed to the internal decoration.

Curious about the rest of this green and multifaceted region? You should definitely plan your next holiday in Cantabria!

In the meantime, have a look at some of the beauties of this land here.