Do you want to discover Ecuador?

If you are planning to discover Ecuador, it would be useful to know more about this incredible destination.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Ecuador is a Southamerican country neighbouring Perù and Colombia.

Ecuador used to be part of the Inca empire, but before it was inhabited by the Manteña culture and the Cañari.

The latter fought against Inca during the occupation of their territory, but the army of Tupac Yupanqui massacred them.

After the Inca empire was the time of the Spanish colonialism, and then, finally, Ecuador got the indipendence!

Let’s see some of the best places to go!

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador.

It is situated at the foot of the Pichincha volcano, 3.000 meters high.

You can take the “TeleferiQo” to reach almost the top of the volcano and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Quito was declared a World Heritage Site from Unesco in 1970, thanks to its architecture in the original colonial style.

From Quito you can go through the valley that leads to Cuenca: this city used to be the second city of the Inca empire for size.

You can see some ruins of the old “Tumibamba” (the old name of the city) in the Archeological Park of Pumapungo. The streets and buildings take you back to the colonial period.

Guayaquil is definitely the driving force of the country’s economy.

Unfortunately the artistic heritage was destroyed by fire in 1896, but you can still see several historical monuments: La Rotonda is the most important archeological site of the city; the Fortin de la Planchada is an old colonial bastion, built to protect the city against pirates.

You can also visit the modern area of Malecon.

From Guayaquil you can fly to the Galapagos Islands. 

This awesome islands are the right place to relax in an earthly paradise.

Here Charles Darwin could study several animals and plants that lead him to write his essay “The origin of spercies“.

Ingapirca is the place you must visit if you love history.

Here you can find the most important archeological site of Ecuador, where Cuñari and Inca cultures meet.

Then visit The Temple of the Sun, the only oval building from the Inca era, and other several masonry costruction.

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These are only some of the fantastic places to visit in Ecuador…so why not booking a flight?

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