Last trace of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea before the African coasts, Lampedusa is the biggest of the Pelagie Islands, a small archipelago which includes Linosa and Lampione.

Some scholars think that its name comes from the greek λέπας (lépas), which means “rock”, because of its rocky landscape, others from λαμπάς (lampás), “torch”, in relation to the lights put on the island for the sailors.

Stunning land between Italy and Africa, mixing the incredible features of these two countries, Lampedusa is a unique place to discover step by step!

What to visit in Lampedusa

Among the beauties of this island, visit the Santuario della Madonna di Porto Salvo: a little sanctuary dated back to the XIII century which is one of the most important places on the island.

Another must see is the Albero Sole, highest point of Lampedusa. It is also called by the locals “u signuruzzo” because of the wooden crucifix preserved in a little circular structure (“Signore” is another way to call Jesus Christ).

From there you can enjoy an spectacular view of the cliff called Faraglione. 

While you are on the island do not miss the opportunity to see Casa Teresa, a typical dummuso, the traditional house of Lampedusa, completely refurbished and turned into a museum.


Lampedusa is famous for its white sand beaches and incredible seabeds, included in a Protected Marine Area for the variety of plants and fauna living in an untouched sea, a real paradise for diving lovers.

On the island you can enjoy 12 lovely beaches to relax and enjoy the sun: Cala Guitgia, perfect for families for its great facilities, Cala Galera, a blue lagoon hidden between the rocks, Cala Pisana, little gem very close to the town, and many others.

If you like going on a boat trip, it would be ideal taking a tour around the island and discover all the incredible coves and grottos.

On top of that, one of the most beautiful beaches of the world is on the Isola dei Conigli (Rabbits Island), an enchanting rocky island linked to Lampedusa by a thin strip of land and reachable by foot.

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