Having fun is essential when you learn Spanish in London!

If you learn Spanish in London you might also want to enjoy some great events.

Taking part in nice Spanish events is always good to practice the language and enjoy some aspects of the Spanish speaking cultures.

In addition, it is a great way to meet lovely people to share your interests with.

At Happy Languages we plan fantastic events through the year!

One of the most loved is the Spanish Film Forum.

It is a great opportunity to watch some short movies followed by nice activities about them.

Students have a lot of fun playing funny games and competing to win our prizes!

Enjoy some lovely shoots following this link.

Another unforgettable event is the Salsa Night: a proper Salsa class with a professional teacher who gives basic instructions in Spanish.

After the dance class there is time to chat, dance and grab a free drink!


As there are a lot of dance lovers, we also did a Flamenco Night to discover this popular dance from Spain.

Again, led by a Flamenco teacher, students learn some basic steps and…throw in the dance!

It is also interesting to learn something about this traditional music and its history.


Moreover, something we really care about is giving the chance to discover unique Spanish products.

This is why we thought of our Spanish Gin Workshop.

After we tried some really good local gins, we wanted our students to taste them.

During the workshop, they had to take part in some quiz answering questions about three Spanish gins.

After each quiz, they finally tried a gin and tonic properly made with the perfect tonic and garnish.

Have a look at some pictures here.


And what about our Spanish Conversation Class Christmas Edition?

The participants spent one hour talking about the most popular Spanish Christmas traditions.

And then, they tried the best Spanish Christmas sweets drinking a good glass of Cava.


As all our events are open to everybody, you can bring your beloved ones and have fun together.

So stay tuned, our next Spanish event is just around the corner!