Looking for a Spanish Crash Course in London?

A Spanish Crash Course in London is a great idea to speed up your Spanish.

At Happy Languages, we do offer this option!

Our Crash Course is a very intensive learning experience.

It takes place over a weekend, 4 hours on Saturday and 4 on Sunday and covers all the Total Beginner course contents.

At the end of the course you will have learnt all the basics.

That is why this intensive course is particularly recommended if you want to brush your Spanish up after a while.

However, it is a very good solution also for all the students who feel quite confident about catching the basics quickly.

And if you are heading to Spain for a weekend, taking this course would be the perfect way to get ready!

How is the Crash Course structured?

It will include all the normal Total Beginner contents in terms of grammar, vocabulary and communication.

You will practice every topic with some activities or games: this will make your course so fun!

Your teacher will be happy to help you through the weekend and give you tips and advice.

What are the contents?

You will start from greetings, alphabet and numbers.

Then you will move to dates and times: you will practice how to ask the time and say the date.

You will go through gender and articles while studying how to make an appointment.

After that you will get ready for shopping!

And then you will start talking about yourself: nationality, job, work places.

You will also learn how to describe yourself and your city.

Great programme, isn’t it?

After the course, you can go through our online resources and video tutorials to revise all the contents.

So don’t wait any longer and start thinking of your Spanish Crash Course in London!