Short term Spanish classes in London are the perfect format for the summer!

In this period of the year, short term Spanish classes in London are exactly what you need to continue studying before your holidays.

At Happy Languages, we have the right courses for you!

Our new short courses are starting from the 24th June and will last for only 8 weeks.

Every week you will have a 2 hours class, from 7pm to 9 pm.

These courses are slightly more intense than the regular ones, but perfect to get ready for your holidays in Spain!

There is nothing better than practicing as much as possible before leaving.

You will feel more confident and speak Spanish more fluently!

If you are not sure about your level, contact us for advice.

Are the contents the same than a regular course?

Sure, there is no difference!

During your course you will cover exactly the same contents.

Even though the course will be shorter, you will actually study for one more hour, 16 in total instead of 15.

This means that you will have time to put into practice what you learn with some more games and fun activities.

Every lesson you will study grammar, expand your vocabulary adding new words and expressions and use them all in conversation.

Having more time to practice will be great: all the new contents have to be put into practice straight away!

Don’t forget that you can find amazing online resources to improve your Spanish during the course.

Using them will support your through your learning journey and make it even better!

Another lovely activity that you can add to your regular classes is watching our Spanish video tutorials!

Following them you will revise some important topics and improve your pronunciation as well!

We don’t leave anything to chance!

So don’t wait any longer, it’s time to book your place!