Have you found some Easter vocabulary during your Italian language course?

Easter is one of the main topics in these days, so you might have already studied some related words in your Italian language course. However, there is a nice Easter vocabulary to discover: so many typical Easter traditions, customs and food to learn!

In Italy there are some national traditions and food that you can easily find everywhere and some very regional ones.

First of all, let’s go through the basics!

Quaresima –> Lent

Domenica delle Palme –> Palm Sunday

Settimana Santa –> Holy Week

Venerdì Santo –> Good Friday

Pasqua –> Easter

Pasquetta –> Easter Monday

Processione –> Procession

And now some food and typical cakes you can taste during the Easter time!

Food is always an essential ritual in Italy, especially during important festivity. In several parts of Italy, after the traditional digiuno (fasting) people start celebrating and eating delicious specialties from Giovedì Santo (Holy thursday).

Actually, from Mercoledì delle Ceneri (Ash Wednesday) to Giovedì Santo, most people don’t fast but just avoid some food such as meat, sweets and elaborated dishes.

From Giovedì Santo they start eating them again to celebrate.

Colazione di Pasqua –> Easter breakfast, a rich salty and sweet breakfast with eggs, lamb, salami and much more. It is very typical in Central Italy

Pranzo di Pasqua –> Easter lunch

Uova sode –> Hard-boiled eggs

Agnello –> Lamb

Pizza di Pasqua –> a cake made with eggs, flour, butter, raisins, candied fruit and cinnamon, very common in Central Italy

Colomba –> Easter Dove, traditional cake shaped like a dove

Pastiera –> Neapolitan Easter Pie made with shortcrust pastry, boiled wheat, ricotta, orange flowers flavour, lemon peel

Torta Pasqualina –> vegetable cake very typical in Liguria

Casatiello –> Neapolitan salty cake made with pecorino cheese, salami, eggs and flour

And obviously children enjoy chocolate eggs and bunnies!

Uovo di Pasqua –> Easter Egg

Coniglietto di Pasqua –> Easter Bunny

Have you tried some of these amazing specialties? On our Pinterest board you can see how good they look!

If you want to make pastiera, one of the most popular Italian Easter cakes, follow this link!

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