Are you heading to Sicily this summer?

Trapani is definitely a city you must visit to breathe the incredible history of this land and of its unique cultural blend.

According to one of the popular legends about the city, the roman goddess Cerere dropped a scythe which turned into a strip of land in the blue sea where Trapani rose.

For this reason it was called Drepanon, “scythe” in greek.

The history of this beautiful city dates back to the XII century b.C., when it was founded.

Then it was occupied by the Phoenicians in the IX century b.C. fought against Greeks and Romans by their side, but was conquered by Rome.

It fell under many different dominations: Vandals, Byzantine, Arabs (who started occupying Sicily in 827 a.C.) and Normans in the XI century, which represent the highest peak ever reached in terms of prosperity and growth.

After a difficult time under the Angevins, another flourishing period started with the Aragonese in the XIII century: the Spanish domination left its important mark on architecture and local culture.

So what to visit in Trapani?

The city centre is full of beauty: take a walk through the ancient streets and enjoy any corner, it won’t let you down!

The symbol of the city is the Torre di Ligny: placed on the extremity of the legendary strip of land, this tower was built in the XVII century as a fortress and then became a lighthouse to control the harbour.

Don’t miss the Palazzo Senatorio, the beautiful baroque city hall and the Torre dell’Orologio (Clock Tower), a XIII century tower with one of the most ancient astronomical clocks in Europe on its facade.

Another must see is the Chiesa del Purgatorio (Purgatory Church), built on the site of an Arab guard tower which became its bell tower.

Also, a great attraction is the Museo delle Saline (Salt Mines Museum): salt mines have been the real treasure of this land and made its economic power over the centuries.

Probably you don’t know that salt used to be called “white gold”! Nowadays it is possible to visit saltworks and all the necessary equipment to extract and refine salt.

Obviously have a break to taste the best granita at Colicchia, the most famous bar and pastry shop in town, or stop for lunch in one of the traditional restaurant where you can taste fresh fish and seafood. It will be an unforgettable experience!

You can enjoy some beautiful pictures of Trapani on our Pinterest board.

Stunning sea, amazing food, fascinating culture…what are you waiting for?

It’s time to plan your holiday!

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