Heading to Genova?

Genova, also known as “La Superba”, is the biggest city of Liguria, in the North-West of Italy.

Its harbour is the biggest of the country, the second in the Mediterranean sea: that is why the symbol of the city is “La Lanterna” (the Lighthouse).

Genova is an old city with a long history of commerce.

The first bank in the world (Banco di San Giorgio) was established there.

At that time, Genova was one of the “Repubbliche marinare” (maritime republics) that used to rule the maritime commerce all around the world.

As you probably know, one of the most popular person born in Genova was Cristoforo Colombo, who discovered America in 1492. His house is still open to visitors.

So let’s go through the best things to do in this fascinating city!

Where to go – One of the places you must visit is the Acquarium, the biggest in Europe.

Besides, the city offers a lot of historical monuments and churches like the San Lorenzo Cathedral, built between the X and the XIV century, where you can see an unexploded bomb from the second World War.

San Lorenzo is in the middle of the Old Town, where you can find a lot of ancient walls and palaces.

During the weekend in the “vicoli” (alleys) of the Old Town you can spend the night with friends drinking something in one of the nice bars.

Would you like to see the city from above?

Go to “Spianata Castelletto”, a terrace on one of the hills of Genova reachable with a public elevator.

On the other side of the city, you could walk along the sea through Corso Italia to reach Boccadasse, a little and very beautiful fishermen village, where you can eat a great ice cream or have dinner in a seafood restaurant, in a wonderful location.

About food – The two main specialties are Focaccia and Pesto.

The first one is a sort of salty flat bread with olive oil that people normally eat it for breakfast with cappuccino, or as a snack: it is always time for a piece of Focaccia!

Pesto is a raw sauce made with basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan cheese: it is perfect with trofie (a typical fresh pasta), gnocchi and lasagne.

Soccer Teams – Did you know that Genoa is the first Italian soccer team? It was founded in Italy in 1893, whilst the other important team of the city is Sampdoria, founded in 1946 merging two existing teams: Sampierdanerese and Andrea Doria.

Genoa and Sampdoria face each other every year in a soccer game known as “derby della Lanterna”.

How to reach Genova – You can reach the city by airplane landing at the “Cristoforo Colombo” airport and then taking a bus to the city centre.

Here you can see some lovely pictures about Genova.

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