The DITALS Base is the certification released by the University for Foreigners of Siena to teach Italian as foreign language for non-natives with a certified B2 Italian level of competence or for those who have just approached the teaching path.

Let’s go through the minimum bibliography in order to understand what to study!

Italian Linguistics

  • D’Achille P., L’italiano contemporaneo, chapters 1-8-9-10-11. A manual about sociolinguistics, perfect to study the changes of the Italian language and how it is influenced by a number of factors.
  • Patota G., Grammatica di riferimento dell’italiano contemporaneo. A grammar textbook about to cover the basics of the Italian grammar.

Modern languages teaching

  • Consiglio d’Europa, Common European Framework of Reference for languages. Learning, teaching, assessment, Chapter 3. An important document to understand the levels of competence in order to be able to recognize them.
  • Danesi M., Diadori P., Semplici S., Tecniche didattiche per la seconda lingua. Strategie e strumenti, anche in contesti CLIL, chapters 7-8.

Teaching Italian as a foreign language

  • Diadori P. (Cur.), Insegnare italiano L2.  Students have to read only three chapters among this rich anthology: chapter 5, about levels of linguistic competence, chapter 19 about textbooks of Italian for foreigners and chapter 20 about how to project Italian teaching to foreigners.
  • Diadori P., Palermo M., Troncarelli D., Insegnare l’italiano come seconda lingua. The parts included in the bibliography are about the different contexts to teach and learn Italian as a foreign language (pp.13-118) and about how to teach the language, especially grammar (pp.153-245).

If you want to enhance your knowledge about specific topics please have a look at the optional books in the bibliography.

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