The DITALS Base exam is perfect to get the certification to teach Italian as a foreign language for those who are non-natives with a B2 Italian language certification or for people who are natives but have just started this job and don’t have much experience.

What does the exam consist of? It includes three sections, let’s see in more detail!

Section A. This part is called “Guided analysis of teaching materials” and should be completed in 1 hour. Candidates analyse the material given which is taken from a textbook for students of Italian as a foreign language and then answer multiple choice questions.

The aspects taken into account are: target of the material, instructions for students, graphic aspect, grammar, linguistic abilities, phases of the unit, type of activity/techniques, level of competence.

You can go through Section A here and have a look at an example of material provided here.

Section B. The “Guided analysis and production of teaching material” is a section dedicated to the analysis of a text provided followed by the creation of one activity for students. The analysis consists of multiple choice questions about the language used, the type and genre of text and the learning context. In order to structure the activity, candidates have to choose the appropriate student’s profile and the level of linguistic competence. The total time suggested to complete the section is 1 hour.

Have a look at a sample here.

Section C. This part, called “Language teaching” is entirely focused on theory aspects: candidates answer multiple choice questions about Italian grammar, linguistic and teaching methodology in 1 hour.

Here you can see how it looks like.

What is the best way to prepare the exam?

Section A supposes a good knowledge of a variety of materials, so it is very important to analyse as many textbooks as possible to get ready. Section B requires a good understanding of linguistics and textual features for the text analysis, so studying the related bibliography is necessary. Moreover, it is good to practice trying to create activities starting from any text you find. For Section C studying the bibliography and improving your knowledge of the relevant topics will be enough to be able to answer all the questions.

Try the sections from the past sample linked above to better understand your difficulties and the weakness areas you need to work on.

Let’s start your preparation!