During the DITALS I course it is possible to do the required internship in our school.

The internship consists of 60 hours split in:

  • observation of Italian group lessons at school (from 7pm to 8.30pm, Monday to Thursday)
  • production of teaching material

The observation is focused on the main points of interest, clearly specified at the beginning of the training. After each lesson observed trainees have to fill an observation table about some aspects of the lesson (teacher’s talk, student’s talk, space management) and hand it in to the teacher.

If we don’t receive the table, the observation is not valid.

The production of teaching material, individually or in small groups, has to be done between the DITALS lessons, respecting a specific deadline. Trainees get used to shared writing tools, social networks and online platforms for educational purposes. Each activity is followed by a detailed feedback.

The internship must be completed in 3 months.