The DITALS II is a certification released by the University for Foreigners of Siena and is valid worldwide to teach Italian as a foreign language.

It is good for people who have previous teaching experience and consists of 4 sections.

Let’s have a look at Part A, called Teaching materials analysis.

As in the DITALS I exam, candidates are asked to analyse a unit taken from an Italian textbook for foreign students in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The main difference between the two levels is that in the DITALS II exam, section A is not as guided as in the DITALS I. Candidates have to answer to open questions about different aspects of the unit provided, for example:

  • general structure
  • techniques chosen
  • learning objectives
  • grammar
  • specific activities of the unit and how to use them in a class
  • possible use of the unit
  • presentation of the textbook to a group of colleagues following some bullet points

Every answer has to be explained and integrated with examples.

Questions can be quite different from session to session as they are related to the material given to be analysed.

This part of the exam requires a very good knowledge of textbooks and a deep understanding of the choices made by the authors.

This is why the exam preparation, apart from the necessary theoretical knowledge, has to be focused on a systematic practical analysis of several units taken from books addressed to different student’s profiles: besides, candidates have to consider specialistic languages.

Are you ready to try it?